"Painting is my Spirituality."

Chris Crewe is a Toronto-based artist currently experimenting with Sledgehammer Painting; by creating work in Abstract and Pop-Art styles, this quickly became known as Slam Painting. 

Working with Sledgehammer is a large and clumsy brush; opposite the approach he studied as a child; spending hours learning the gentle stroke a horsetail brush delivers on rice paper. 

"This new found paintbrush signals my revolt against the delicate and gentle, embracing the awkward and clumsy; a ballerina with a concrete leg." 

Chris has worked as a Logo Designer for a downtown design startup, he is currently working as an Educator at the Design Exchange -  Canada's Design Museum.

Teaching art became second nature over time and he now leads innovative workshops in both Art and Design for a wide range of community events.

Chris studied Drawing and Painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. 

In December of 2018 Chris began research into developing and documenting the practice of using a Sledgehammer to paint.  Through small private grants and public purchases of his work he has been able to fund his endeavour... so far.

Chris works every day from his downtown studio producing large Sledgehammer Works, featuring single marks larger than 5 feet.  He paints stunning abstracts for the contemporary collector.

"There is a starting point in my work; get lost each time you see it, I hope that you will dream." 

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