About My Work

My muse is the machine. The main vision throughout my work has been to honor their forms rather than their function.  I catalog machine diagrams and instruction manuals to create a new aesthetic.  My work is a struggle between industrial and organic nature resulting in impermanent environments.  I use digital collage to design each work, breaking apart and re-assembling machines from their complexity down to the simplest elements.  I believe in paying tribute to our industrialized history by using the shapes that made it run.  My paintings focus on automation, bold colour and connecting lines.  I love working with the plasticity and permanence of acrylic paint, it lets me bring my ideas into a world where I control the environment, flow, and colour.  I paint quite quickly and enjoy the dance which happens between my brush and the bounce of the canvas.  I love to paint well into the morning and I often feel like I have had a small spiritual awakening when I finish a painting, satisfaction.